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Selling Process

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When you’re looking to move home the first step should be to organise a valuation through a good estate agent. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the best valuation isn't always the highest valuation. We offer honest valuations that can be supported by good comparable evidence and knowledge of current market conditions. A good estate agent should also be looking at the bigger picture and not just the immediate sale. We will also advise you as to whether carrying out any works of marking changes to the property will help you in selling more quickly or for a higher price.

Choosing an estate agent

It’s our belief that customer service and communication with our clients is what makes us good at what we do and as an agent we understand that your home is likely to be the largest asset you own and the level of care and attention needed when selling it is very important. It is key to choose an agent who understands this and will devote the time to your sale that is required.

Choosing a solicitor

The solicitor will look after your interests when selling and answering the buyers solicitors queries regarding the property. We can recommend a solicitor to you and this will be a solicitor whom we have a close working relationship with and can regularly communicate with which we feel helps a sale to move as smoothly as possible.

Marketing your property

So once you’ve instructed an agent the agent will want to prepare the property for marketing so that it can have the biggest impact and make the best possible impression on potential buyers. Here is a little of what we offer to our vendors:

  • Detailed floorplans are created
  • High quality photographs are taken
  • Colour details are made up on A4 paper and these are then distributed to potential buyers
  • Email alerts are sent out to our database of buyers as well as phone calls and SMS alerts
  • Online sales marketing through portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla alongside our own website
  • An Avon Property ‘For Sale’ board is erected at your property ensuring passers-by can be made aware the property is available
  • An A4 colour shop window card at our office
  • Social Media campaigns via Twitter and Facebook

Conducting viewings

This is when the exciting part starts and potential buyers will be coming to your property in the hope that it’s the right place for them to call home!

We aim to accompany all viewings and feel that this take pressure off of the vendor, after all we have shown and sold many properties to buyers over the years so we feel our experience in doing this should be utilised as much as possible. Having said that we’re always more than happy for vendors to attend the viewings and the input of the current occupier of the house is a great help top when it comes to selling a property and letting the potential buyer know all of the benefits first hand of having lived in the property and area.

We will also give you honest feedback from potential buyers as if they can tell us what is holding them back from buying you property we can do our best to help you change that and attract a buyer who wants to proceed

Offer made by a buyer

The buyer should always make offers directly to your agent and your agent will discuss offers with you so that you can make an informed decision. There is a lot to think about when receiving an offer – aside from the very obvious and important factor (the price) it’s equally important to know a buyers position – do they need to sell a property, do they need to apply for a mortgage, have they got a chain and if so how long is it? These are all things we’re very familiar with and we will be happy to guide when considering an offer from a buyer

Once an offer is agree both the buyer and seller will need to instruct a solicitor so that the conveyancing process can commence. We will inform both solicitors of the terms of the sale and the proposed timescale


The process of conveyancing involves your solicitor answering the enquiries raised by the buyers solicitor about the property you’re selling and ensuring that this is completed in a timely and accurate way.

Exchange of contracts and completion

Nearly there! Now that the conveyancing work is completed both solicitors will arrange to exchange contracts and agree a completion date. The solicitors will also handle your money and repay your mortgage lender, should you have one, and the pass on the balance to you or use it for your ongoing purchase if you have one. The next stop is to drop the keys to the property to the agent on the completion date and provide the buyer with vacant possession